Greetings from the Landscapes

by Bicycle Thief

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released March 3, 2016

Produced by David Martín, Francisco Javier de Miguel & David Vila
Recorded, mixed & mastered by David Martín & Javi Nieto at Dobro Producciones, Casasola de Arión, Valladolid,
on december 2015 - february 2016.
Recording assistant – Francisco Javier de Miguel

David Vila – Vocals & acoustic guitar
Diego Herrero – Drums & percussions
David Martín – Electric guitar, keyboards, monotron & backing vocals
Carlos Flores – Bass & banjo

Oil paintings – Marta Martínez
Oil paintings reproduction – El Carrusel - Taller de fotografía
Artwork designer – Paula Higelmo

All music & lyrics by David Vila




Bicycle Thief Spain

Bicycle Thief Band Grupo de Folk-Rock de Valladolid, España. Formado por David Vila , Diego Herrero, David Martín, Carlos Flores.

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Track Name: The Quiet Man
Another brand new day, another wasted time
another old cowboy, cares for the girl for life
(he) wants to ride one last time, he’s feeling really tired,
its not another day, he’s going to see the light

you gotta do something but you wanna go
you wanna feel empty but i wanna know
another last mountain, it was a good show.
the movie is not ending but it was enough.

i wanna go. I know my friend
i wanna go. I know my friend

another brand new age, with nothing in your arms,
the sky is full of grey, theres fire in your mind
the shadows of a life, the memories don’t lie
i won’t forget your face, i love you quiet man

Let him go let him go, instead of dying by your side
let him go let him go, wants to see the light
Track Name: Wisconsin
Now you can see, what i need ́s your desire
i will not leave without feel all this fire

running after all
i will try to stop
i will fly away
i will never see the light

now you can see, what i need ́s feel alive
i will not leave Wisconsin (for a while)

Im always wasting what I have
i will be walking without running
i will not die without fighting
now i will run against the line

All you can see with this fire... its a dream.
Track Name: Behind
Behind your eyes, behind your ears
behind your nose, i ́ve got no fear

into the wild, without my dear
the monster lies, year by year
the weather changes, the frozen sea
the forest burns, the birds don’t sing

you have been traveling, so farewell
and I’ve been dreaming of your hair
I was awake for a little, girl
but then i thought you didn’t care

and the moment is now and i won’t forget
and all the little tunes, we sang yesterday
and "nobody knows who the hell you were"
and i was trying to stay but i won’t forget
Track Name: Honey
Honey you gotta see, the way you have to be,
running over broken glass
honey you gotta be, strong hard and swift.
Is there any heart with ice?

Boys stand for the leather, running after all
you can’t stay here forever, you won’t have it all...

(I was) Day and night trying to succeed
im not the only one who feels,
dusty roads and empty seas,
but i promise i will fight

honey you won’t believe, the things that i have seen,
better close your eyes and sleep.
honey hold on to me, look around and breathe,
maybe the end ́s not here

you can call it disaster, running after all,
you know i will be faster, you won’t have it all...
Track Name: Landscapes
He sent me a letter, now i remember
It was written with signals, unbroken september rain, rain

watching the weather, landing by roses,
never be stronger, never be better, again again

there is a place where, we used to play well
a place where the monsters are down, down

i was running by the road
and i was giving you all
i was sitting in the dark
not all roses leave a mark

greetings from the landscapes
i send greetings from the landscapes
Track Name: You and I
Lying in the sand, kisses from my heart
drawing with my hand, everything was fine
Birds began to fly, playing with the stars
wind is blowing high, waiting for the sun,
for one last night

it's you and i, flying up so high
it's you and i, dreaming of the sky
it's you and i, when we touch the light,
it's you and i... when i miss your eyes.

The day is turning black,
now you are so far.
We're back at the start
but it's only you and i
Track Name: The Ocean & the Bird
Now i am trying to be better
now i´m trying to be the one
i will stay with you forever
always reflecting the sun

whatever you, whatever i
whatever she. I don’t mind

i am going to kill the monster
but it's living deep inside
i know he makes me be another,
but he’s making me feel alive

i won’t ever chose no other
you're the only thing i heard
ill remember you my lover

the ocean and the bird
Track Name: Run
Another morning, i wake up suddenly
I hear the Voices outside
Im not the only one, but i feel alone.
Everyone is trying to hide

I was sitting, another boat thats floating
Living with the fear all around me
the Ocean, give us the road to escape now
Victims of another not-war

Run by the ocean
Run through The fields
Run by The ocean its you and me

Can ́t find another way, cant find another way out...
Track Name: Mountain
Walking through the fields i can feel the snow
swimming in the lakes, let your problems go
looking for the stars lying on the floor
childhood disappears, all the fears are gone

I remember when we were all alive
hanging day by day, hanging the whole night
dreams are coming true, burning like fire
just another flame, with no air inside

i was trying to get out with my feelings...
i was trying to get out...

The mountain, the feeling,
i was trying to keep it
the long time we had spent around...

i will try tu run by your side,
i will try to climb the mountain
i will fight the weather with my arms

i will try to fly with you so high
i will fly over the ocean
i will fight the weather with my eyes
Track Name: 3 a.m.
I´d lose my heart tonight in an old room where they are.
im trying to stay in calm with own soul, but i can’t
now i see it in your eyes, your falling apart
and im tired of being the one whose loosing his mind.

Im trying to break the branch with my arms, but i cant
I want to stop your tide, but there is always a price
Now i will plant the oak so deep inside in my heart
Once upon a time there was a house full of light

it is not my fault, to loose all you have won
you won’t think about us, and let the wind flow on

finding my soul, i don’t need anymore.

your finding, your finding it all...