Behind your eyes, behind your ears
behind your nose, i ́ve got no fear

into the wild, without my dear
the monster lies, year by year
the weather changes, the frozen sea
the forest burns, the birds don’t sing

you have been traveling, so farewell
and I’ve been dreaming of your hair
I was awake for a little, girl
but then i thought you didn’t care

and the moment is now and i won’t forget
and all the little tunes, we sang yesterday
and "nobody knows who the hell you were"
and i was trying to stay but i won’t forget


from Greetings from the Landscapes, released March 3, 2016




Bicycle Thief Spain

Bicycle Thief Band Grupo de Folk-Rock de Valladolid, España. Formado por David Vila , Diego Herrero, David Martín, Carlos Flores.

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